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Vikas Khanna: A Reservoir Of Talent


He is a culinary genius, he is a master at what he does and he some who in spite of being at the pinnacle of success is humble, well, I am talking about Chef Vikas Khanna, who smiles through this eyes.

He is someone who has always experimented with a lot of things. From being a Michelin Star chef to writing his first book, Utsav in the year 2015 to walking the Cannes red carpet, Vikas Khanna has done it all.

His documentary Kitchens Of Gratitude was featured at Marche du Film at the 69th Cannes Film Festival and he has also been named the Hottest Chef Of America by People Magazine. This talented giant has managed to put Indian Food on the global map.

Vikas, who was earlier part of the food show MasterChef India, has now come up with a new web series titled Kitchen, Khanna And Konversations. In fact, there is nothing that he cannot do or has not done.

For someone who was once ridiculed for his Skin Colour, is now ready to showcase his debut film, and ironically its titled The Last Color. The film that stars Neeta Gupta has been written and directed by Vikas himself and knowing him, I am sure this one too will be a masterpiece.

For me what gives Vikas Khanna an edge over the other is the fact that he has a deep understanding of life. For him, self-respect is what comes first and that’s what has kept him going.

He is meticulous in whatever he does and has always given his hundred percent to things that he has taken up.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work and that’s how Vikas Khanna has made most of his dreams come true.

Here’s wishing this talented and a gifted human being all the very best and I am sure his film will only spread colour all across the globe.


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