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Trailer Review: Jack And Dil – It’s All About Love And Mistrust


The first official trailer of Jack And Dil starring Amit Sadh, Arbaaz Khan, Sonal Chouhan, and Evelyn Sharma has just hit the net and this looks like a laugh riot. Jack And Dil is a romantic comedy which has been extensively shot in Goa and Mumbai.

The plot of the film revolves around a rich business tycoon, Walia (Arbaaz Khan), who hires a wannabe detective novel author Jack (Amit Sadh) to spy on his painter wife Shilpa (Sonal Chouhan). During the investigation, the neglected wife, the carefree young wannabe detective novelist, and Jack’s model girlfriend Lara’s (Evelyn Sharma) stories get entangled, making way for a humorous turn of events.

The trailer looks fun and interesting and in the end, it leaves you guessing, whether Shilpa is actually dating Jack or there is someone else in her life. Amit Sadh as Jack looks cute and adorable, while both the girls, Sonal Chouhan, and Evelyn Sharma add a lot of freshness. Arbaaz Khan as a typical husband, who does not trust his wife looks convincing in his part.

The one thing that I found weird in the trailer was Amit Sadh’s voice. Guess it’s been dubbed, for reasons known to the makers of the film. I am hoping that the makers have retained Amit’s original voice in the film and they have not got the entire film dubbed by someone else. Well, if this is the case, then it will look very out of place as Amit has a very distinct tonal quality.

All in all, the trailer if Jack And Dil looks promising and if we have enough punches in the film that I am sure this one will be a hilarious ride. Also, the love story that woven into the film could be the highlight.

Jack And Dil is being produced by Balcony Cinemas and Rock and Rolla Films. Directed by Sachin Karande, the film is all set to release on November 02, 2018.

Watch The Trailer Here:


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