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Tamil Actor Siddharth Gopinath’s Wife Smrija Commits Suicide


Siddharth Gopinath wife has reportedly committed suicide at their Chennai residence last night after having a heated argument with her husband.

The wife of budding Tamil actor Siddharth Gopinath has reportedly committed suicide under the mysterious circumstances at her Chennai residence last night. The star wife has reportedly ended her life after hanging from the ceiling in her room. As per the reports floating around, the heated argument between the two was the reason why Smrija took such an extreme step. The reports further state that her husband was asleep when she ended her life.

Police are currently investigating into the matter and are questioning their friends and family to extract some details. Siddharth has acted in Tamil movies like Aadhi Pinisetty’s Yaagavaarayinum Naa Kaakka and still is a budding actor. According to the reports in Tamil media, the couple who returned home late night had a heated argument, post which the star wife ended her life.

“The couple had gone out last night and after coming home, they had an argument over a personal issue. Looks like the argument went serious that led the woman to hang herself to a ceiling fan late in the night, while her husband was asleep in the hall. We got the information only by today morning. The investigations are on,” an official was quoted as saying by Behindwoods.

Siddharth reportedly informed the police when he knocked on the room door and there was no response. Once the police arrived at the residence, they had to break down the door to enter.

However, it is not yet clear if the argument which took place last night was the only reason which led her to take such an extreme step or there has been something else lingering around as well.

Smrija and Siddharth have been married for three years and tied the knot in 2015. Siddharth was seen alongside Aadhi Pinisetty in the Tamil film Yaagavaarayinum Naa Kaakka.


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