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Riyamikka Commits Suicide At Her Residence In Chennai


Tamil actress, Riyamikka, who we have seen in projects like Aghoriyin Aattam, Kundrathile Kumaranukku Kondattam, and X Videos committed suicide at her residence in Chennai.

“Riyamikka was in love with a guy called Dinesh. She was in depression for a few months as she didn’t have any film offers in hand. One night, she called Dinesh as she was feeling low. But Dinesh said that he’d drop by her house in the morning as it was too late. Meanwhile, Riyamikka and Prakash had a fallout after which she went to sleep. The next morning, she woke up and then went back to sleep. Dinesh had come home and he was cooking lunch with Prakash. It is then that Riyamikka hanged herself.” stated Police officials, in an interview to a Tamil magazine.

Riyamikka, 26, hang herself at her residence in Valasaravakkam, Chennai on November 28, 2018. The actress ended her life and the reason behind this shocking step is still unknown.

According to media reports, the actress had last called her boyfriend Dinesh and the next day when Riyamikka did not pick up his calls, Dinesh rushed to her house and asked her brother Prakash about Riyamikka.

After knocking her room several times, the two broke open the window only to find her hanging from the ceiling. The police were immediately called and recovered her body. Well, it is being speculated that the actress was quite under stress over not getting any work in Kollywood.

The actress lived with her brother Prakash at a rented house in the Sridevi Kuppam area of Valasaravakkam. During the police interrogation, Riyamikka’s brother Prakash revealed that when he reached home in the night after work, he found his sister very tired. That was the last time he saw her before she committed suicide. The investigations are still on and hopefully, the cause behind her suicide would be out soon.


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