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Movie Review: The Fakir Of Venice – This One Moves At A Snail’s Pace


The Fakir Of Venice is all about a con man Adi Contractor (Farhan Akhtar) who has been given a job to find a fakir with the ability to survive burying his head in the ground for hours.

Adi runs from pillar to post to find this kind of fakir and comes across Sattar Ali (Annu Kapoor) who meets his requirements. For Adi, Sattar Ali is his money-making machine.

We get to meet Adi’s estranged girlfriend Mandira (Kamal Siddhu), who helps Sattar Ali acquire the look of a fakir. Adi takes Sattar to Venice, puts him up as an exhibit in an art gallery, and what follows next is what makes up for this film.

What’s sad is that fact that you have talents like A. R. Rahman, Homi Adajania, Annu Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar in one project and the result is underwhelming. Also, Kamal Siddhu walks in and even before you know she vanishes from the scene altogether. Gosh!! Why all this mess!!

Anyways, moving on, the writing is tacky and incoherent. Thanks to the screenplay by, Rajesh Devraj, this 01 hour and 38 minutes film looks far too long. What’s surprising is the fact that most of the characters in the film just walk in and walk out as and when they like. To make matters worse, this film looks dated and also moves at a very slow pace.

The film’s release was halted for ten years due to production related issues and was supposed to be Farhan Akhtar’s debut movie. Wish this one more have never realised.

However, the only good thing about the film is the city of Venice. It has loads of picturesque locations which are beautifully captured.

All in all, The Fakir Of Venice is a film that needs to be avoided as it is just a mash-up of scenes. Also, it’s sad to see actors like Annu Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar being wasted.

Rating: One Star


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