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Movie Review: Party – Suvrat Joshi And Prajakta Mali Make This Film Watchable


It’s all about friends, it’s all friendships and it’s about realizing the true worth of the people around you, well, I am talking about the film Party, that has just hit the silver screens.

Party is all about Omkar (Suvrat Joshi), Sumit (Stavan Shinde), Chakaria (Akshay Tinkasale) and Manoj (Rohit Haldikar). A bunch of four friends who are always together.

Sumit has a dream to make a cricketer, Omkar is a rich brat, while Chakariya and Manoj are perpetually in a financial mess. In all of this, we also get to meet Aparna (Prajakta Mali), who is in love with Omkar, while Chakra is in love with Deepali (Manjiri Pupala).

What happens in their lives and who they stand up for each other is what Party is all about.

The issue with Party is that writer-director Sachin Darekar has spent too much time trying to establish his characters and that’s the reason nothing much happens in the first half. The film takes a leap in the second half and that’s when it picks up. Had the drama begun in the first half itself, this film would have been an interesting watch.

As far as the actors are concerned, its Prajakta Mali and Aparna and Suvrat Joshi and Omkar belt out sincere performances. Both look the part and are a treat to watch, especially in the emotional scenes. During the climax, my heart went out for Prajakta as she portrayed the emotions with full sincerity and almost make it look real. The rest of the star cast has nothing much to do.

Dil Chahta Hai (2001), 3 Idiots (2009, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011), films like these have redefined the meaning of friends and friendships. Party too, tries hard to fall in this bracket, but sadly this one falls flat.

Do catch the second half of the film because the Party only begins in the second half.

Rating: One And A Half 


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