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Movie Review: Pari Hoon Main – A Simple Tale With A Heart


Today a lot of kids along with their parents are very keen that they pursue a career in the glamour world. However, the reality of this glamour world is very different and more often not, these children tend to lose their innocence. Pari Hoon Main exactly deals with this issue.

Pari Hoon Main is all about Sajiri Dighe (Shruti Nigde), who is spotted by a casting director as she performs in a school play. He approaches Madhav (Nandu Madhav), her father, with an opportunity to have her star in a Hindi television series.

As expected, Madhav jumps at the opportunity and very soon Sajiri becomes a household name, recognized for her on-screen character, Pari. However, Sajiri’s mother (Devika Daftardar), is not too happy with what’s going on in her daughter’s life, but she cannot say anything.

Soon, there are dramatic changes in the lifestyle of Dighe family, changes which seem permanent to Madhav. In all of this, we get to meet the superstar, Flora Saini. As the story progresses, Sajiri gets thrown out of the series. What follows is what makes up for the rest of the film.

The film has been written well and both Nandu Madhav and Devika Daftardar are brilliant in their roles. However, Rohit Das Shilwant, the director of Pari Hoon Main has been a huge downer. The film would have been a classic had it been handled well, but then sadly it falls apart.

The second half is so confusing that one just loses interest. Guess Rohit too got confused and that’s why the second half of the film is a torturous ride. I was just waiting for the film to get over so that I could run out.

All in all, Pari Hoon Main is a reality and a must watch.

Rating: Two Stars


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