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Movie Review: Paltan – This One Belongs To J. P. Dutta And Harshvardhan Rane


After a gap of almost a decade, J.P. Dutta is finally back with his Paltan, which is based on true events at the actual line of control between India and China at Nathu La pass – a strategically important corridor between India and Tibet.

It is the story of Bravehearts from Indian Army’s Rajput battalion, who put up a spirited defense against their unreasonable Chinese counterpart in 1965.

Paltan tells the untold success story of Indian armed forces in preventing Chinese infiltration in 1967. Our soldiers had an intense battle with their Chinese counterparts in 1967, five years after the country lost its war against China.

The three principal characters in the film are Major General Sagat Singh (Jackie Shroff), Lt. Colonel Rai Singh Yadav (Arjun Rampal) and Major Bishen Singh (Sonu Sood). Along with them we also get to meet Major Harbhajan Singh (Harshvardhan Rane) and Captain Prithvi Singh Dagar (Gurmeet Choudhary).

The first half of the film is spent in building you all the characters and is laced with loads of flashbacks. However, the film picks up in the second half and the climax is worth every minute.

Off the star cast, Harshvardhan Rane is the one who stands out amongst everyone. He belts out a sincere performance and stands out as a passionate soldier. One also needs to applaud J.P. Dutta for his commitment and passion for making films like this. I know, it’s now as easy as it seems like and hats off to him for once again putting up a war film. For me, Border was a classic, but Paltan is also worth it.

All in all, Paltan is a story that’s not been documented, it’s a lesser-known slice of history, but director J.P. Dutta has meticulously put this one together. Do catch this film this weekend as I am sure you will walk out feeling proud!!

Rating: Three And A Half Stars


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