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Movie Review: Loveyatri – Aayush Sharma Shows Promise, But Is Saddled With A Lame Script


Loveyatri is all about Sushrut (Aayush Sharma) or Susu as he is fondly called, and his passion for dancing. Susu constantly faces pressure from his family to find a job, while he dreams of opening his own garba academy in Vadodara.

Susu is happy teaching garba to kids in Vadodara, but this time, the 9-day Navratri festival changes his life as in walks Michelle (Warina Hussain), a Gujarati NRI who comes to Vadodara from London with her father (Ronit Roy). They are on a family visit. Michelle and Susu meet each other at the local garba, and it is love at first sight for Susu.

Susu’s Uncle (Ram Kapoor), is a full-time garment salesman, a seasonal singer, and is also Susu’s love guru. What follows is a tried and tested formula of a love story, wherein Susu is ready to do all that he can to win over Michelle.

Everything thing in the film seems right except for Niren Bhatt’s script, which is like a old wine in an old bottle. The music, the setting, the humour, and the look of the film are just right, but sadly the script of the film is just all over the place.

Debutant director Abhiraj Minawala plays it safe by sticking to a tried and tested formula like, focusing on romantic moments to create drama, the girls father being a tyrant, and of course a poor by in love with a rich girl. However, all this gets mundane and boring after a while. You are actually waiting for the film to end.

Of the cast, Ram Kapoor is too funny, while Rohit Roy as the father has nothing much to do. Warina Hussain is a good find, but then the film belongs to Aayush Sharma who is sincere and has tried hard to do his job well.

Aayush Sharma is a star in the making who shines in the Loveyatri, but sadly he is stuck with a script which is mediocre.

All in all, Loveyatri is a one time watch. Do catch it this weekend if you are a sucker for some mushy moments.

Rating: Two And A Half


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