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Movie Review: Kedarnath – This One Belongs To Sara Ali Khan


Kedarnath is all about Mandakini (Sara Ali Khan), Mansoor Khan, (Sushant Singh Rajput) and their love story amidst the floods that struck North India in 2013.

Mandakini, younger daughter of a priest (Nitish Bharadwaj) keeps an unwanted suitor (Nishant Dahiya) at bay while trying to be a pillar of support to an unhappy older sister, Brinda (Pooja Gor). Mansoor is a porter who helps pilgrims get to the shrine by carrying them on his back, who catches her eye, and they fall in love.

As expected, a typical Hindu-Muslim dispute irrupts where parents desperately try to tear the lovers apart. The film goes on and on with loads of melodrama and lots of mundane and over the top scenes, especially in the second half.

What’s funny is the fact that the catastrophe that had struck Kedarnath serves as an afterthought, coming in at the very end with come tacky visual effects.

The film which starts off with a lot of promise ends with loads of confusion and almost unbearable to sit through. Abhishek Kapoor and Kanika Dhillon, the writers of the film have tried to stuff too many things at the same time.

One needs to applaud Tushar Kanti Ray, for capturing the picturesque settings almost to perfection. The music is very ordinary and the only song that resonates is Namo Namo. Rest all the songs are almost torturous.

As far as performances go, Sushant Singh Rajput is unbearable, while Sara Ali Khan owns every frame she is in. Her first performance on celluloid has the right amount of fire to spark a connection with the audience.

All in all, Kedarnath is all over the place. The film is dull and boring. However, Sara Ali Khan is the only positive. She is aggressive, full of life, and is magical on screen.

Rating: One And A Half


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