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Movie Review: Hrudayat Something Something – Ashok Saraf Is The Only Saving Grace Here


Hrudayat Something Something is all about Sam (Aniket Vishwasrao), who works in a travel agency. Sam often bunks work, lies to his boss, and is not at all serious about anything in life. Now as the film progress, he falls in love with Priya (Sneha Chavan) but does not know how to woo her.

Sam once again lies to Jawalkar asking for a leave, only to be caught red-handed. When he comes clean about his feelings for Priya, Jawalkar (Ashok Saraf) promises to help him pursue the woman of his dreams. As the film progress, Jawalkar realizes that Sam is in love with his daughter and from here on things get haywire for Sam.

Now Sam pretends to have a twin who is courting Priya because Sam knows that his boss would never agree for their union. But when a real lookalike of his comes into the picture things gets complicated.

The issue with Hrudayat Something Something is too convoluted. There are too many plots running in and at after a while, it gets too confusing as you do not know which track and which character to follow.

The writing team is a huge downer, as the jokes and plots that are in the film have been done to death. After a point, the jokes fall flat and the plot is boring and mundane. I actually waiting for the first half end, so that I could take a much-deserved coffee break and then in the second half I was either busy taking a loo break or was busy praying for the film to end.

All in all, a weak and unoriginal story makes the film tumble and even this 02 hours 12 minutes film looks too stretched.

Sadly, Aniket Vishwasrao is completed wasted in this film as his character is paper thin, while both the girls, Sneha Chavan, and Priyanka Yadav have nothing much to do in the film. However, the only saving grace of Hrudayat Something Something is Ashok Saraf, he is the only one who lends credibility to the film or else this one is a total waste of time.

All in all, Hrudayat Something Something is a mess. It’s sloppy and very amateur. Best avoid this one.

Rating: One Star (Only For Ashok Saraf)


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