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Movie Review: Home Sweet Home – Watch This Only For Reema Lagoon


Home Sweet Home is all about an elderly couple, Vidyadhar Mahajan (Mohan Joshi) and Shyamal (Reema Lagoo), who are contemplating moving out of their old apartment and shifting to a high-rise.

Vidyadhar and Shyamal have both sent most of their lives in their old apartment and shifting into a new apartment is not an easy decision of them.

Shyamal is suffering for knee pain and is looking forward to shifting into a new apartment, which has a lift, to ease out the pain. On the other hand, Vidyadhar is happy living where he is as he has spent his life there and feels at peace there.

In all of this, we get to meet the broker Sopan (Hrishikesh Joshi) who is helping the old couple shift into the new apartment. What both Vidyadhar and Shyamal go through is what forms the basic crux of Home Sweet Home.

The story of Home Sweet Home is relevant and very identifiable, but the way it’s handled it’s totally disheartening. For almost all of us, a home is where the heart is; and lots could have been done, but then it’s a wasted opportunity.

Home Sweet Home is all over the place. There are lots of nuances and moments that would have been the highlight of Home Sweet Home, but then this one totally goes off the mark. Despite having big names associated with it, the film is stagnant and that doesn’t help the cause.

Both Mohan Joshi and Reema Lagoo are saddled with a very weak script and a choppy screenplay and it’s sad to see both of them trying hard to do all that they can to save the film, but sadly both fail at it as no actor can rise above the script.

All in all, Home Sweet Home is a film that can be given a miss. However, watch this film for Reem Lagoo as this is the last time you will get to see this great artist perform.

Rating: One And A Half


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