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Movie Review: Hiraeth – Its Heart Wrenching And Thought Provoking


It is simple, it will make you ponder, and it will make you teary-eyed, well, I am talking about the short film Hiraeth, which is all about a refugee.

The film is all about Ali (Teeshay Shah), a student from India and Hassan (Ahmed Shihab Eldin) who is a man affected by war. A film that just begins with Ali asking Hassan for a cigarette, ends up on a note that will make you cry.

The conversation between Ali and Hassan is so real and casual that after a point you will start to imagine yourself sitting there and having that conversation. I feel that’s the beauty of Hiraeth.

What’s commendable about Hiraeth is its writing. It’s profound and is laced with loads of reality, but yet simple and conversational. The film ends on a note where you would want to know more about both Hassan and that’s where the writer, Teeshay scores.

As far performances are concerned, my heart goes out for Hassan. Ahmed Shihab Eldin rules almost every frame that he is in and he almost makes you the part of his world. Teeshay as Ali is also effective. One can clearly see that the writer, Teeshay himself, has written Hassan with loads of compassion, not to undermine the character of Ali, which too has been written by him.

The filmmaker knows what it takes to be away from home and the feeling of wanting to connect to one’s homeland and a longing to return to a place which is impossible to return is been beautifully communicated.

All in all, Hiraeth is a film that’s simple, has been beautifully told and it touches your heart. You would like to see this one over and over again and guess that’s all that you need. Kudos to Teeshay Shah for putting this one together.

Rating: Four And Half Stars


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