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Movie Review: Bogda – A Sensitive Issue Like Euthanasia, Eventually Becomes Depressing


Sanjay Leela Bhansali made Guzaarish (2010) on the very sensitive issue of Euthanasia and now Nisheeta Keni has tried to make Bogda on similar lines, but this one falls flat.

Bogda is all about two central characters Tejaswini aka Teju and Mai played by Mrunmayee Deshpande and Suhas Joshi respectively. It talks about the mother-daughter relation wherein the daughter Teju takes her mother through her journey to death.

Her mother is suffering from cancer and can’t take the pain anymore. However, she is at fix since she dreams of being a Kathak dancer and wants to move to a bigger city, but can’t go because of her mother’s condition.

The film takes us through all the emotional turmoil that both the mother and daughter go through. However, there is nothing more than the film offers, and that’s the reason the film becomes monotonous. All through the film, I was searching for pockets where one could feel a bit easy but sadly did not find any.

What’s sad about this one is that fact that when you have actors like Mrunmayee Deshpande and Suhas Joshi, you are expecting lots, but sadly both are wasted. I did go in to see the film trying to look for hope but sadly found none.

All in all, Bogda is a depressing tale and as the film progress it becomes a tortures tale and eventually one is hoping that the film comes to an end. The music in the film is the only breather and that’s what is the only saving grace.

Also, the length of the film is a huge downer, its almost three hours and that’s one of the major drawbacks. Avoid this one as you will come out of the theater feeling depressed and angry for actually spending money on a film like this.

Rating: One Star


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