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Movie Review: 2.0 – This One Is A Visual Extravaganza


In 2010 we got Robot, where Rajinikanth essayed Doctor Vaseegaran and Chitti the look-alike Robot, flirting with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Now, in 2018, we get to see 2.0 with Rajinikanth as Doctor Vaseegaran, Chitti, 2.0, and Kutti 3.0, Akshay Kumar as Pakshi Rajan, and last but not the least Amy Jackson as Nila.

The film begins with an old man committing suicide from atop a mobile phone tower and then all of a sudden mobile phones start flying out of people’s hands, mobile towers are mysteriously destroyed, and a giant bird made out of cell phones shows up out of nowhere to wreak havoc. Doctor Vaseegaran resurrects Chitti to save the day and what happens is what the film is all about.

Yes, 2.0 losses track, as far as its story and the script is concerned, but then films like these normally do not boast of a taut script. However, the plot, story, and character development have been sacrificed at the altar of spectacle. The film is bizarre, but then that’s what the film is expected to do.

One needs to especially mention the twenty odd minute’s long climax, which is fast-paced and engaging.

As far as the actors are concerned, well, Rajinikanth does complete justice to his parts, while Akshay Kumar is flawless.

On needs to especially mention Shankar for spearheading this one with loads of style. He has given the film a grand scale and the visual effects will blow your mind.

All in all, 2.0 is the first Indian film that has been shot in 3D and it has been done wonderfully. The VFX is top notch and one needs to applaud the entire time for getting us this visual extravaganza.

Do catch this one for the larger the life experience. Yes, you may have issues with the content and logic, but the who cares.

Rating: Three And A Half


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