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Bigg Boss 12: The Show Gets Bad To Worse


Bigg Boss Season 12 has been the most disappointing season. The show is neither entertaining nor is it edgy. With each passing day, the show is going bad to worse and there is nothing that one can do.

Bigg Boss 12 has been a non-starter from the word go. Neither the TRP’s nor the content is worth talking. None of the housemates are entertaining enough and at times it becomes tough to sit through the entire one hour of the show.

The commoners as well we celebrities are not at all engaging and entertaining. One did have a lot of hope once the Jodi’s broke up, but sadly things went haywire.

If Dipika Kakar is seeing trying to pamper Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra is trying to be the good boy on the show. Srishty Rode is trying hard, but then it seems that it’s too late. If this was not enough, Sreesanth is always seen trying to rake in his past, which messes up things further.

Coming to the commoners, Deepak Thakur is now getting on to your nerves, while Romil Choudhary and Surbhi Rana have walked away from each other and this have made the house even more boring.

Most of the time Bigg Boss is partial towards certain housemates and he too has almost lost interest in the show.

Anup Jalota who entered with his so-called girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu, too flipped the moment he was evicted. According to Anup Jalota, Jasleen has cooked up their love story and all this was a publicity stunt. Shocking I must say.

Anyways moving on, well, both the wild cards, Megha Dhade, and Rohit Suchanti could not add anything to the show and have been a total waste.

However, the only saving grace is Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman, where we have Salman Khan trying to instill some interest in the show, which is dragging and boring. To make matters worse, the family members of housemates are busy writing open letters making the entire show even more dull and boring.

Every year, Colors TV has managed to garner huge numbers with Bigg Boss, but this year they have missed the mark. We still have almost 6 to 7 weeks to go and I am sure things will hardly look up for Season 12.

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  1. Can’t agree with you more on this. Everything written in this article is correct! It’s a waste of a show. Totally partial and one sided tilted towards sreesanth. No matter how many tantrums or wrong doings he does he gets exonerated while poor shivashish gets thrown out.


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