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Bigg Boss 12: Somi Khan – Can Put A Chameleon To Shame


There has been a lot of ambiguity from the time Somi Khan has entered the Bigg Boss 12 house. For starters, she has always her sisters, Saba Khan’s shadow, literally and metaphorically and more often than has no stand of her own.

What was even more shocking is the fact that Somi has made friends only for her benefit. First, she was close to Shivashish Mishra, then one saw her in the Happy Club, and last but not the least, she has kept using Deepak Thakur as and when she thought it was required.

On one hand, she kept stating that she was uncomfortable the way Deepak looked at her, but she did not blink an eyelid when Deepak nominated himself and saved her. Now was Deepak’s look not uncomfortable.

It will not be wrong to say that Somi even used her sister to stay in the game as she did not even think twice before nominating her sister when the team had to take a call. However, one thing that’s clear is the fact that Somi is extremely vindictive and can go to any extent to get even with others.

Anyways, moving on, this is all that we saw, what we did not see abut Somi Khan was this:

Somi Khan is very clear that she will do all that it takes to be in the show. She needs to be noticed and will use anyone and everyone as and when the need be. One can only see her being vocal when she is nominated and tries her best to take center stage so that she can save herself from nominations.

One has not seen Somi form a strong bond between with any of the housemates. She is always lost on the crowd and has rarely stood out.

She is a rebel without a cause and too desperate for publicity. Any girl in her shoes would think twice before doing what she is doing. She is someone who is in no group and will flip around as and when she feels the need.

According to me, she is definitely not a finale material and will be out of the house in a couple of weeks from now, maybe this weekend itself.

Do get back to me with your views on Somi Khan, and stay tuned for all the exclusive updates on Bigg Boss Season 12. Remember to tweet your views and opinions to @isalilsand.


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