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Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Pulls Up Sreesanth And Dipika Kakar


We were all waiting for the first Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan and boy he was dynamite. Salman Khan was seen doing what he does best: entertaining the audience and reasoning with the contestants on their behaviour through the week.

Salman Khan was rock solid and did reprimand both Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar. This is Salman Khan’s ninth season and he actually knows what to do and how to handle the housemates.

What I liked about Salman Khan was the fact that he made Sreesanth so comfortable that he finally opened up. Kudos to you Salman for being the way you are.

Salman even wanted to understand why the rest of the contestants didn’t intervene when Shreesanth refused to participate in the first task of the show. Salman even advised the contestants to participate in the tasks with all honesty or they will find themselves nominated.

He even questioned Dipika Kakar and did ask her and the other housemates to be careful and attentive from next time around. Dipika did try to defend herself, but then at the end of it, she knew what Salman Khan was saying was right.

The issue is that the housemates have not yet understood the actual concept of the show, which is, Singles V/S The Jodi’s. Guess its time that the housemates get serious about this game and play the game well, or else they will be out of the show in no time.

All in all, Salman Khan is the flavour of Bigg Boss and we all wait for his Weekend Ka Vaar. Here’s looking for many more such weekends in the near future and I am sure he will as entertaining and as sporting as he has always been.

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