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Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Needs To Take Charge


Bigg Boss Season 12 has by far been the most lopsided season that I have seen. The show is hardly entertaining and all you get to see are unnecessary fights, blame game and loads of below the belt comments.

If you look at the housemates, well, none has them have managed to create an impact on the viewers and all this has been reflecting the numbers. Bigg Boss 12, which was shifted from its usual 10:00 pm slot to 09:00 pm with the hope that it would give good numbers and stickiness. Sadly, this move fell flat.

According to me the reason for the show not doing well is Salman Khan. Yes, you heard this one right. Salman Khan, who stings the show together is one of the main reasons the show has missed the mark this season.

Salman Khan took over as the host of the show from Season 04 and he has been almost indispensable. He has a take, which is mostly natural and post every Weekend Ka Vaar, things do change as far as the housemates go. He reprimands a few, applauds a few and makes fun of the rest. There have been times where he has even asked the housemates to stay out of the entire interaction and has even asked them to leave his house.

However, this season he is just not in sync with want’s going on in the show. More often than note, every week Salman comes in, does his job and leaves and that’s the reason the game is going nowhere.

Initially, when the show began, Salman was busy promoting Loveyatri and later he has been busy with Bharat, which according to me is primarily the reason he is not in the show.

The makers have always been the way they are as they have kept housemates like Swami Om, Priyanka Jagga, Tanishaa Mukerji, Armaan Kohli, Puneet Issar, Diandra Soares, and have given them chances after chances. But it was Salman, who took a stand and had set them right.

However, this season, Salman Khan has rarely taken up any issues and has chosen to ignore them.

All in all, Salman Khan is the backbone of Bigg Boss and he is the one not only lends credibility to the show, but week after week he sets the tone of the show. Sadly, this season things are all over the place.

Thankfully, Season 12 is almost coming to a close and I am hoping that next year, Salman will be back in form and will get things rolling, something that he has been doing all these years.

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