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Bigg Boss 12: Romil Choudhary – For Him Success Is Everything


He is fun, he is someone who loves getting into arguments especially with Dipika Kakar, and he is the only non-celebrity who’s been the most loved housemate, well, I am talking about Romil Choudhary.

Once Romil Choudhary came back with Surbhi Rana things changed for both the housemates as well as the show. One saw a beautiful bond between Romil and Surbhi which was fun, but sadly it did not last long.

He was conferred with the title of Master Mind, everyone found him a potential threat, but he stood rock solid and played the game, the way he thought was right. Yes, he made some wrong moves, but then who did not.

Never was he given a fair chance to become the captain of the house, was called the FLIPPER and ridiculed especially by Dipika and Sreesanth. However, all this and more could not shake up his confidence and that’s the reason, he has reached so far.

Having said, this, Romil did make mistakes, he did speak about his co-contestants behind their backs and at times got into ugly spats with them, but then who did not. There are times where he was pulled up by Salman Khan himself, but then there were times where Salman applauded him for doing all that he did.

However, this is all that we have seen, what we did not see was:

Romil Choudhary entered the Bigg Boss 12 house with no plan. No one knew him and as days went by he became a household name.

As he started getting a feeling that he was becoming someone, a bit of arrogance has started seeping in, which is primarily the reason housemates are finding him overconfident and egoistic.

However, what Romil needs to understand and learn is that when you are constantly in the public eye that people will talk about you, good, bad or otherwise. His equation with Somi Khan too will be questioned and he will have to learn how to handle the same.

Come to think of it, we have seven housemates left in the house. Had Deepak Thakur, Somi, Surbhi, Karanvir Bohra, and Romil been a team the game would have been totally different. But it’s sad to see cracks in this team of five and that’s the main reason Dipika and Sreesanth are having fun. Had they been a rock-solid team, things would be tough of the brother-sister duo.

On the other hand, Dipika and Sree have stood by each other and have managed to garner support from other housemates which were initially not with them. Had Happy Club still been intact the game would have been very interesting and a fun watch.

I am sure that Romil Choudhary would be one of the top three finalists of this season, and as things are going for him, he is one of the strongest contenders for the top spot.

People don’t always need advice, sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. Romil may not have got all of this in the Bigg Boss house, but outside the house, all his fans did give him all this and that’s precisely the reason why he will be in the finale.

Winning the trophy is not as important as winning hearts and Romil Choudhary has most definitely won hearts. I hope that all the success and love that he has managed to gather during his Bigg Boss journey does not enter his head and he does not mess things up for himself in future.

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