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Bigg Boss 12: Megha Dhade – She Walked In With A Chip On Her Shoulder


Megha Dhade, the first wild card entry of Bigg Boss 12, walked in with a lot of promise. One expected get to create a stir in the Bigg Boss house, but sadly things did not go the way it was planned.

Initially, she had issues with Dipika Kakar and her presence in the kitchen and off late, she has had an ugly spat with Deepak Thakur. Her equation with Romil Choudhary is also messed up and we have seen her boasting about her win. Her comments on Deepak’s physical appearance and not gone too well with both the housemates as well as audiences.

In fact, Salman Khan too was not too happy with the comments Megha made on some of the housemates and he did ask her to take control of her actions.

Now, this is all that we have seen, what we did not see was:

Like any other wild card, Megha walked in well prepared. She has seen the game and was well aware of the pluses and minuses of all housemates. Also, Megha Dhahde had just won Bigg Boss Marathi Season 01, so the expectations were high, but sadly Madam Megha has missed the mark.

Megha who should have led from the front is proving to be a letdown. She could have taken more risks, but then she is coming across someone who is desperate to survive for as long as she can.

There is hardly anything striking about her presence in the house. She is often seen bitching behind Romil and Deepak’s back and shows loads of aggression during tasks, thus pushing the other housemates off the mark.

I feel, had Megha Dhade managed to play her game well and had moved things smoothly she would have been a huge force to reckon with but looks like it’s a missed opportunity for Megha.

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