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Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen Matharu – A Desperate Attention Seeker


She is devious, she can change sides without even blinking an eyelid, and she can go up to any extent to stay in the limelight, well, I am talking about Jasleen Matharu, who entered the Bigg Boss house with Anup Jalota.

From day one, Jasleen Matharu has stated that Anup Jalota and she are a couple and both have been together from the past four years. Post Anup Jalota was evicted, things have started to fall apart for her as far as her reputation outside the house is concerned.

What’s surprising is that fact that Anup Jalota has himself backed out of his so-called affair with Jasleen and on the other hand, her behaviour in the house has become a bit irrational. Of late, she has got into loads of ugly spats with the housemates.

Anyways, moving on, Jasleen has had issues with Somi Khan, Srishty Rode, Deepak Thakur, and last but not the least Romil Choudhary. She has been using the choicest of words and adjectives to describe them, something that is not very pleasant to hear.

Now, this is all that we have seen, what we did not see was:

Jasleen Matharu came in the Bigg Boss 12 house with a plan. She wanted to make headlines, and that’s the reason she did not even think twice before announcing her affair with Anup Jalota. Apparently, her parents were unaware of her feeling towards her music mentor and this did cause loads of embarrassment to them.

During her 10 week stay in the house, one has seen her change sides in split seconds. One saw her getting close to Shivashish Mishra, the moment Anup Jalota was sent to the secret room. Till date, she is someone who does not belong to any group and change sides as and when she feels like. What we see of her, I am in shock. To me, it’s disgusting more than entertaining.

Jasleen tried and tried, but her insecurities took the better of her and she started flipping, flipping from the people that she had made bonds with and was desperately looking to stand out.

For me, Jasleen has no friends in the house, she is a bad team player and is desperately trying to make her presence felt, but according to me, she has fallen flat on her face.

I am sure, in the coming weeks, she will be out of the race to the finale. All in all, Jasleen Matharu is someone, no one should trust and must maintain a safe distance.

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