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Bigg Boss 12: It’s Unfair To Throw Shivashish Mishra Out Of The House


He was arrogant, he was brash and he disrespected Bigg Boss, well, I am talking about Shivashish Mishra who will be thrown out of the house tonight.

Shivashish Mishra is the second constant in the history of Bigg Boss to have been thrown out of the house, the first being Priyanka Jagga (Bigg Boss Season 10).

The show took an unexpected turn when Shivashish Mishra did not pay heed to the order of house captain Romil Choudhary and refused to go to jail. Bigg Boss gave him an earful for not playing by the rule and nominated all the contestants except Romil for next week’s evictions.

Even in the previous weeks, Shivashish has been too big for his boots, has had arguments with Salman Khan, and has never acknowledged his mistakes, so doing what Bigg Boss did was right.

In tonight’s episode, we will see host Salman Khan take a dig at Shivashish for disrespecting the show and will eventually ask Shivashish to leave the house.

Having said the above, I agree to all that the makers and Bigg Boss finally did. Good, they asked him to leave, but then why spare Sreesanth as he has been messing up from quite a while now. He has called the show good for nothing, he has called the show fake, he has threatened housemates, broken rules, well the list is endless.

If Shivashish Mishra has been shown the door, then why spare Sreesanth. This is just being biased towards the former cricketer and I feel its just not done. I would request the makers to either bring back Shivashish Mishra or show Sreesanth the door.

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