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Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Bandgi Kalra Booked For Cheating


Former Bigg Boss contestant Bandgi Kalra has found herself in a real spot of bother after police in Bengaluru booked her for cheating an engineering student.

Police swung into action after an engineering student, Yuvraj Singh filed a complaint alleging cheating by Bandgi, who had posted an advertisement for an iPhoneX on her Instagram page. As part of the advertisement, Yuvraj Singh said that he had transferred Rs 13,000 using Paytm to the account- 6359007813 – stated in the Instagram post.

“We have sent an email to Bandgi Kalra and have summoned her. Though we are not sure of her exact involvement in the incident, she has promoted the product on her Instagram account.

Though Bandgi has deleted the post, the victim has submitted the screenshot. Bandgi, who had entered the Bigg Boss Season 11 as one of the commoners, had shot to fame because of her relationship with another housemate Puneesh Sharma. She has not yet responded to the allegations by Yuvraj Singh or the police action.

Yuvraj claimed that Bandgi had posted a fake advertisement offering iPhoneX for Rs 61,000, which he said was way cheaper than the market price of Rs 83,000. He was compelled to file a police complaint after he found that he had been delivered a dummy iPhoneX, which was delivered by Blue Dart courier services.

In his police complaint, Yuvraj named Bandgi as well as the two suppliers, Different Collection, and Nexafation.com.

Unaffected by the police complaint, Bandgi on Saturday took to her Instagram page to post her latest photos while thanking cosmetic brand Maybelline for gifting her a set of make-up items.

Apparently, Bandgi had also thrown her weight behind the campaign against the barbaric gang-rape and murder of the 8-year-old girl in Jammu and Kashmir earlier this year. She had joined those Bollywood celebrities, who posted their photos with placard wanated justice for the 8 year old Aasifa, who as gangraped and subsiquenty murdered.


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