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After An Arrest For Rape Accusations, Chris Brown Released Without Charges


After an arrest for rape accusations, the French police has released Chris Brown without any charges.

After his release, Chris posted a message on Instagram denying the accusation. “I wanna make it perfectly clear, this is false and is against my character and morals,” he wrote.

Chris Brown, 29, was arrested by the police after a woman accused him of raping her. The 24-year-old model claimed that the singer and songwriter raped her after calling her in his hotel room in Le Mandarian Oriental, Paris, where he was staying during the Paris Fashion Week.

According to the woman, Chris Brown and she met for the first time at Le Crystal club near Les Champs-Elysees and then followed him back to the hotel where she was allegedly raped.

Chris was arrested with two other men on the allegations of drug violations and aggravated rape. Even though no charges have been filed against them, the investigation is still going on. However, the prosecutor’s office has said that no charges have been filed against any of them but the investigation is still on.

Chris Brown’s French lawyer even confirmed that the 29-year-old was also found in possession of cannabis during his arrest, Paris, but the Grammy Award-winning singer had a note from his American doctor covering his use of the drug for medicinal purposes.

Chris was in a legal soup in 2009 too when then-girlfriend Rihanna accused him of physical assault and criminal threats.

This American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor is best-known for hits in the 2000’s such as Run It and Kiss Kiss. He has a huge fan following, including nearly 50 million followers on Instagram. He posted an Instagram photo from Paris appearing to show him at a night club.

He released a new single earlier this month and has a new album coming this year. Six of his albums have gone platinum.


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