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Advait Nemlekar Has A Naal Up His Sleeve


He is willing to take risks, he is willing to experiment, and is someone who truly believes that music is beyond languages, well, I am talking about the talented music composer Advait Nemlekar who has been making headlines with his Marathi film Naal.

Advait has given the background score for Naal, a film which has been directed by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti and stars Shrinivas Pokale, Nagraj Manjule and Devika Daftardar.

For Advait, Naal just fell in his lap. Guess he was destined to be part of the project. “I had done Gujarati films before, which were quite successful. My parents kept asking why aren’t you doing a Marathi film and then all of a sudden Naal happened to me. Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti said that his wife happens to be the editor of the film and I can just check it. I had no idea what the film was about. The film started and the first name I saw was Nagraj Manjule. Then I saw the name of Devika Daftardar. She is also a very good actress. I was like, shit, these guys are there. And the kid was like, I was at a loss for words after I saw the film and as they say, the rest followed.”

According to me, the background score of Naal is one of the many highlights of the film and one needs to applaud Advait for the same. The background score has the simplicity of the characters and is soulful. Just goes on to prove that Advait is one talent who is here to stay.

Advait has worked very closely with makers like Abhinay Deo and Shashanka Ghosh and has even created music shows on Star Sports Kabbadi, Cartoon Network, and Pogo.

All in all Advait Nemlekar is dabbling in films, television, commercials and last but not the least web-series. Well, all I can say is that this talent is to watch out for.


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