Kanye West is considering creating his own church to permanently host Sunday Service. Apparently, Kanye's Easter version of his Sunday Service at the second weekend of Coachella drew massive crowds and has inspired him to consider a more permanent spiritual path.

"He is extremely passionate about his faith and wants to share it more regularly with people. He spends a lot of time studying and praying, and wants to share his journey. Say what you want about Kanye, but he really does want to help people who need support. He understands brokenness and the need for healing, probably more than most people. He believes in the healing powers of music, but also believes that God can step in and heal people's brokenness and their issues." stated a source close to the rapper.

Also, on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, Troyer Goldman, 21, was singing along loudly and feeling the rhythm of the music of Kanye West's Sunday Service, an unmistakably Christian performance that was broadcast online from Coachella, the music and art festival in Indio, California.

Since early this year, Kanye has been hosting what he calls Sunday Service, backed up by a gospel choir and rapping numbers that are shot through with talk of God. 

Before Sunday's performance at Coachella, these performances have had a cloak of almost secrecy: Attendees have largely been celebrities, whom Kanye asks to sign nondisclosure agreements that prevent them from revealing the show's content.

At Coachella, pop music's premier annual event, where tickets go for $500, the rapper opened Sunday Service to a slightly wider, but still elite, in-person audience. If reports are to be believed then over 50,000 people in attendance at the event, which was also live-streamed on YouTube.

"He has talked about starting his own church, and what exactly that would be. It wouldn't be the traditional, three-hymns-and-a-sermon thing. Instead, it would be a way to point people to Jesus through the arts and through a community of people who love and care for each other. He also wants his kids to be raised in the faith, and the best way for him to do that is to live out his faith." stated the source.