Koffee With Karan Season 6, has turned out to be the most controversial season with Hardik Pandya and K. L. Rahul, messing things up for themselves.

The duo graced the Koffee couch in the 12th episode of Koffee With Karan Season 6 and both the cricketers got carried away with all the sexist remarks they made on the show.

Off the two, Hardik Pandya seems to have gotten blown away by the emotions and did not know where to draw the line. He made some really derogatory remarks about girls and even objectified them publicly.

As expected there were reactions and more reactions and the BCCI went ahead and banned both the cricketing sensation. However, through all this controversy, Karan Johar maintained his silence, but he has finally spoken up.

Karan Johar feels that he is responsible for whatever happened as it is his show and he was the one who invited the cricketers so whatever they are facing now, he is also responsible for it.

"I invited them as guests and so the repercussions of the show are my responsibility. Sometimes the irreverent nature of the show or rather the candid, frivolous nature of the show lends itself to guests crossing the line or going out of boundaries that are acceptable. I can't take accountability for the answers, but I am responsible for the questions." stated Karan Johar.

Apparently, post the fiasco, Karan has not been able to sleep for many nights as he is trying to find out what he can do to set things right but he also says that now the things have gone in a zone where he can't do anything.

He further went on to say that his mother was very upset with him over the incident and felt people were a bit too harsh on the pair. "My mother was so upset with me, she is a big Hardik Pandya fan and she was sulking and telling me how could I do this to him. I said I didn't do anything. The one-woman I offended was my own mother."

He also added that he asked such questions to female guests as well such as Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, but what answers his guests give is not in his hands. He also said that there are many women who work with him on this show and none of them came to him and raised an objection on what both K. L. Rahul And Hardik Pandya has said.

Looks like Karan Johar is really sorry for what has happened and is hoping that ban on both the cricketers would be lifted soon.