Considering the people involved in Fanney Khan, I was expected a lot from this, but sadly all my hopes have come crashing down as the film is nothing but a lost opportunity.

A 1990's orchestra singer, Prashant Sharma (Anil Kapoor), seeks recompense for his failure to make it big. He is willing to go to any length to help his only daughter, Lata (Pihu Sand), attain stardom. The girl has a fine voice but she doesn't possess the body type of a pop diva. However, Lata's mother, Kavita (Divya Dutta) is someone who is more grounded and practical and exactly knows what her daughter can achieve.

In all of this walks the Pop Icon, Baby Singh (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), who happens to be Lath role model. Prashant needs the money and so he plans to kidnap Baby. Adhir (Rajkummar Rao) helps Prashant his kidnapping Baby and eventually falls in love with her.

The world gets wind of the kidnapping. The television channels flash the news of Baby Singh's kidnap, but sadly, the Mumbai Police, remains inexplicably unmoved, something that I still could not come to terms with. What happens next is what makes up for the rest of the film.

There are lots of issues with this film. The characters are half-baked, incidences are happening just because they need to happen and the music is disastrous. Considering the fact that music is such an integral part of the plot, none of the songs worth listening even once.

Fanney Khan is the official remake of the Oscar-nominated Belgian film, Everybody's Famous! The original combined a feel-good underdog story with satire. Instead what we get is a straight forward drama about a failed orchestra singer who goes to desperate lengths to ensure that his daughter, succeeds. And again, the narrative presents this as heroic rather than problematic.

Rating: One