June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson breath his last. Ten years later, his fans still remember him and mourn the loss of the enigmatic King Of Pop. 

In fact, about thousands of Michael Jackson, super fans from around the world had come to a gaming arcade on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday, the beginning of two days of dancing, singing and prayers in honour of their hero.

This year, Michael Jackson children, Prince Jackson, 22, Paris Jackson, 21, and Blanket Jackson, 17, will pay tribute to their father's memory by spending time with their extended family and sharing stories, watching old home movies and remembering the good times they had with Michael.

In these ten years, his kids have worked their way up to make an identity of their own. Paris is now in the family business with a band of her own, The Soundflowers. She also has a modelling career with brand Calvin Klein.

On the other hand, Prince has just graduated from LA's Loyola Marymount University with a degree in business, while Blanket is making a name for himself by teaming up with his older brother and cousins for a YouTube channel. 

Recently HBO had aired a documentary, Leaving Neverland, in which two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, described years of sexual abuse at Jackson's hands, beginning when they were as young as 7. Jackson had been acquitted in 2005 of charges he molested a different boy, but the fresh accounts from the two men, at a time of heightened awareness of sexual abuse, made many wonder whether Jackson's legacy would be tarnished for good.

Michael Jackson, died in his sleep on June 25 2009, after a fatal overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine. He was 50. Jackson's memorial was held on July 7, 2009, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, preceded by a private family service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Hall of Liberty.