In September 2016, terrorists attack an Air Force base in Uri and kill 19 Indian soldiers in their sleep. URI - The Surgical Strike is all about Major Vihaan Shergill (Vicky Kaushal) and his mission.

Major Vihaan Shergill seeks retirement owing to his mother, Swaroop Sampat's ill health as she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. In the meantime, Pakistani terrorist outfits carry out an attack at Uri Army Base camp in Kashmir. Vihaan's childhood friend and brother-in-law Major Karan Kashyap (Mohit Raina) along with some other fellow army mates are martyred in this attack.

The government plans a surgical strike lead by Major Vihaan, who puts together a team to conduct the surgical strike under the guidance of Govind Bhardwaj (Paresh Rawal) with special orders from the Prime Minister (Rajit Kapur) himself.

Special Agent Pallavi (Yami Gautam) helps Vihaan to detect the location of the launch pads and details of the target. What follows then, is what makes the latter part of the film.

Action being an integral part of this film has been very well choreographed and forms the backbone of this film. The background score of the film by Shashwat Sachdev adds a lot to the narrative of the film.

There is nothing that you would not know about the events which led to the URI attack as it had shaken the nation. High-end artillery, choppers and night vision goggles, you discover many new techniques of modern warfare.

Written and directed by Aditya Dhar, URI - The Surgical Strike is a film that you must watch for Vicky Kaushal. He practically owns each and every frame that he is in and delivers a sincere performance. Vicky Kaushal is a talent you cannot ignore.

The film has loads of high's and low's. It's a film that will for sure keep you rooting for more.

Rating: Four And A Half