Amber Heard and Johnny Depp went through a messy divorce after the former accused the latter of domestic abuse.

Now all of their altercations have risen to the surface as The Hollywood Reporter has obtained a previously unseen deposition. It sheds light on Amber Heard's fear of Johnny Depp's dark abusive side while showing the conflicting accounts from the Hollywood bigwigs.

The claim is a part of the 471-page deposition that reveals new details from the couple's divorce proceedings, which started in 2016.

The report says that the testimony will play a key role in an ongoing defamation suit filed by Johnny Depp against the British tabloid The Sun.

In the documents, Amber alleges that during an altercation at their Los Angeles home, Jhonny threw a phone at her, as hard as he could and it hit her in the face. She has also stated that he broke glass, which was strewn on the floor. Pictures of Amber with visible injury marks on her face and leaked text conversations about the alleged assault were posted online.

On the other hand, Jhonny Depp's legal team has evidence that Amber had faked the injuries. Jhonny has even threatened to sue Amber for violating her NDA if she testifies in the case against the British tabloid The Sun. As part of their divorce settlement, the couple agreed not to make disparaging remarks against one another.

Amber has even stated that the backlash she received after levelling allegations of domestic violence against her former husband, Johnny Depp, resulted in her being dropped from many jobs. She even stated that she had to change her phone number weekly because of the death threats she received. The couple's divorce was finalized in 2017, after two years of marriage.

Anyways, on the professional front, Amber Heard recently appeared as Mera in the worldwide smash hit film Aquaman, while, Jhonny Depp, faces professional troubles after Disney hinted that it would be recasting his lead role in future Pirates Of The Caribbean.