Inspired by true events, India's Most Wanted is all about a group of intelligence officers led by Prabhat Kapoor (Arjun Kapoor) who track down India's most wanted terrorist and capture him without the help of weapons or their own organisational backup. 

The film opens to flashes of serial blasts that country. The national security outfits fail to zero in on the mastermind behind all these blasts. This is when an intelligence officer from Bihar, Prabhat is tipped-off by an unverified source in Nepal about the predator.

India's Most Wanted has tried to re-create the undercover operation which had led to the capture of Indian Mujahideen terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi, also referred to as India's Osama Bin Laden, in January 2018 by Delhi Police. This film is not just a thriller or a crime story, but it offers a social commentary on the tough conditions in which our agents operate. 

Arjun Kapoor as Prabhat is on point. He has delivered a sincere performance and is ably supported by Amrita Puri, Rajesh Sharma, Prashanth Alexander, Shantilal Mukherjee, Devendra Mishra, Gaurav Mishra and many more. Sudev Nair who essays the role of Yusuf, the dreaded terrorist that everyone is looking for, delivers an effective performance. 

The most interesting bit is the mention of Shah Rukh Khan, who was stuck at the US immigration because Yusuf uses his name as one of his fictitious pseudonyms. 

Raj Kumar Gupta, who has given us films like Aamir (2008), No One Killed Jessica (2011), Ghanchakkar (2013) and the very recent Raid (2018), has managed to deliver a thriller that?s taut and engaging. Yes, there are loopholes, yes, the film slags at times, but overall, India?s Most Wanted is an engaging watch.

The film stays true to its premise and manages to deliver what?s been promised. All in all, India's Most Wanted is a film that we all should watch as it's one film that gives us a sneak peek into the lives of our very own intelligence officers. They are ordinary men with extraordinary dedication towards our nation, working in extreme circumstances. A big salute to our unsung heroes who will always remain in oblivion. 

Rating: Three And A Half