As we all know the film PM Narendra Modi is a biopic on our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. From abject poverty to selling tea on a railway station to becoming the Leader of the world's largest democracy, PM Narendra Modi traces 64 years of his life. 

The film covers his childhood in the 1950s, his emotional relationship with his hardworking poor parents, his child marriage that he rebelled against, his renunciation of materialism as a young man, his spiritual quest in the Himalayas to discover himself, and finally, his decision to dedicate his life to serve the poor and oppressed, by joining the RSS.

We see his rise as a political force, as he successfully organizes election campaigns for the Bharatiya Janata Party, and becomes the Chief Minister of Gujarat. 

The film ends with Narendra Modi taking oath as India's Prime Minister after his landslide win in 2014 and trust me you will be happy that the makers got to release the film today, or else I am sure they would have added a sequence of his 2019 win.

The film has been written by Anirudh Chawla Vivek Oberoi, Haarsh Limbachiyaa, and Sandip Ssingh. Now, this is a classic example of Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth. Had Vivek stuck to acting and Sandip Ssingh stuck to just producing this one, I am sure this 135-minute film could have been less tedious.

As a film, PM Narendra Modi has not been treated as a biopic but has been treated as a film that projects Narendra Damodardas Modi next to God. He is capable of doing anything and halfway into the film one feels as if we are watching a mythological film.

All in all, PM Narendra Modi can completely be avoided and it's all over the place. My advice to you is to stay at home and watch all the drama unfold on the news channels and then wait for a couple of days and watch the swearing-in ceremony of our very own Narendra Modi.

Rating: One