It's young, it's vibrant and it has the super fit and energetic Tiger Shroff, well, I am talking about Student Of The Year 2, which has just realised. 

Student Of The Year 2 is all about Rohan Sachdev, a hardworking student of the Pishorilal Chamandas College in Mussoorie, is in a relationship with Mridula Chawla (Tara Sutaria). They are separated when Mridula transfers to St. Teresa's, a college in Dehradun for the wealthy and privileged. 

Rohan is unable to afford their fees and is left back. To be together with Mridula, he applies for a scholarship under the sports quota in the college and manages to gain admission. 

Meanwhile, Mridula has changed her identity and rechristened herself Mia Chawla to fit in with others at her new college. Upon meeting Rohan, she initially stays away from him, but they soon begin a relationship again.

Rohan meets Manav Singh Randhawa (Aditya Seal), a rich and affluent student two-time winner of the Student Of The Year Cup. Both the boys who spend an entire academic year preparing for the prestigious Student Of The Year competition wanting to win a Kabbadi match.

In all of this we have Shreya Randhawa (Ananya Pandey), Manav's sister, who hates Rohan but very soon we get in a love triangle and a square. As the film progress, Rohan is back to Pishorilal Chamandas College and then there is a final show down between Pishorilal Chamandas College and Saint Teresa, the defending champions of the Cup.

Does Rohan and his college eventually emerge as the winner, does he clinch the title and which of the two girls manage to get Rohan forms the basic crux of the film.

As far as the performances are concerned, all the four, Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria, Ananya Pandey and Aditya Seal are fun, but its Tiger who roars out the loudest. We also have Will Smith who makes a blink and you miss it special appearance in between the Yeh Jawani song. 

The weakest link of Student Of The Year 2 is it's script. It's choppy and flawed and things keep happening randomly. From training secessions to fight, song sequences to smooches, it's all rolled out in a bundle, which at time juts out like a sore thumb. 

At 2 and a half hours the movie can seem long also the fact that Punit Malhotra has concentrated more of the look of the film rather than the substance. Student Of The Year 2 looks like a fashion pared and lacks soul.

All in all, there's something definitely entertaining Student Of The Year 2 and I am sure you may not find a lot of substance in the one, but I am sure you will find something that will entertain you.

Student Of The Year 2 may not be as huge a hit as Student Of The Year (2012), which has launched the careers of Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, but I am sure this one will be a joy ride.

Rating: Two