Smita Tambe, who is known for her character Usha in the film Singham Returns, is now a part of Hawa Badle Hassu. Smita will be seen essaying the character of Arti, a student pursuing a PhD in Environmental sciences while working at a CNG pump station during the day.  

The powerhouse actor is a much sought after name in the Marathi Film industry and has been making her presence felt in Bollywood too with her upcoming film Panga alongside Kangana Ranaut and will also be seen in an important role in Sacred Games Season 02 on Netflix.

Arti meets Hassu (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and his quirky eco-friendly auto-rickshaw at the CNG pump station where she works during the day. She is one of those people who has no malice in her heart. 

She believes that the purpose of human life is to be good, do good. She is the one who discusses with Hassu the benefits of clean fuel and the environment. Hassu, the autorickshaw driver, is impressed by her zeal and often ferries her to and fro the University and the Gas Station. Over time they become very good friends. Just good friends, or is there a spark

"Arti becomes Hassu's constant companion and a comrade in his crusade. She has a very intimately cerebral relationship with Hassu. And they connect in a  unique way about the global environment. She listens with awe at Hassu's daily shenanigans with his passengers. And unwittingly, becomes another soldier in Hassu's crusade against air pollution," states Smita about her character, Arti.

Apparently, Smita was the first one to be vast cast for Hawa Badle Hassu and is really looking forward to his one hitting the net soon

"I connected immediately with the concept and story narration as I realised how urgent and imperative a subject this is. It is alarming how the human race has been abusing the environment and now we are sitting on a ticking bomb. Subjects like these should be explored in cinema, web series and television. By that count, Hawa Badle Hassu becomes a conversation starter as there is hardly any content made around such subjects." adds Smita.

Hawa Badle Hassu is a sci-fi environmental thriller series, which starts as a slice of life story and expands into a full-fledged sci-fi drama. It is created by Handyyman, directed by Saptaraj-Siva, co-written and produced by Protiqe Mojoomdar. The series will soon be launched on Sony Liv.

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