Amy Jackson is all set to enjoy motherhood as she is pregnant with her first child with fiancee George Panayiotou. She announced her pregnancy with the most adorable post ever.

"I've been waiting to shout it from the rooftops, and today, being Mother?s Day, it could not have been a more perfect time. I already love you more than anything in this world, the purest most honest love. We can?t wait to meet you our little Libra one." wrote the actor on her social media account.

Amy Jackson has admitted that although she's found pregnancy difficult, she is determined to savour the special experience.

Speaking on Tuesday's episode of Sky News' Sunrise, the 27-year-old actress confessed she's under no illusion that it won't be hard to balance work with her pregnancy but isn't putting herself under any pressure.

Asked how she'll cope with juggling it all, Amy explained: "I must admit the first 12 weeks were very difficult. Actually, I did not find out until six weeks and I was still travelling. I was in Sri Lanka, India, New York so that was difficult! When I found out I took it easy because you have simply no control over anything. But I'm very confident that once the baby comes he'll be travelling - or she - with me. And I've got a great support system at home, that's really important, I'm very lucky." stated Amy who is beaming with joy.

Amy Jackson kicked off this year with a bang, as she announced her engagement to the son of British business tycoon Andreas on January 01. 2019. The couple is believed to have embarked on a romance last year, a few months after she declared a romantic relationship is not meant to be right now.

Amy has endured a fair share of unsuccessful romances, including her relationship with actor Prateik Babbar from 2011 to 2012, and Liverpool boxer Joe Selkirk a year later. She even went on to date Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas for seven months in 2014.